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Why OPB Media

Experience and Expertise

We have over 20 years of experience developing web applications, dating back to the dawn of the web. We utilize a variety of technologies, from commercially available CMS for a routine implementation to completely custom coding for unique business requirements.

We are not just developers, we are marketing professionals

We are true believers in the idea that your web presence is a marketing tool through which to generate and grow your business. As seasoned marketing professionals, we will tailor the content of your web presence to focus on your business needs. Whether you already have a established marketing plan or not, we will make sure your web presence fits nicely into your overall branding, messaging, and positioning strategies. If you do not have a plan, we can help you develop one.

Business Minded, Resourcesful, Innovative

From the start, you will feel the difference: we will understand your business objectives before we propose a plan. What you pay for is a combination of design and function, integrated nicely to help you achieve your business objectives. Your web presence is an important investment, and we strive to maximize your returns.

We do not work only with one tool or one system. We will explore any and all available tools to help achieve your objectives. Where others stop short of your expectations, you may be pleasantly surprised at the innovative and refreshing ideas we may be able to generate for you.

Achieve YOUR Goals

Your web presence must serve your goals. We are here to help.

Our Services

We offer much more than web design and development. Here are all the things we can do for you:

Web + App Development

We are a full service web development firm capable of full life-cycle development from fron-end user interface to back end database, plus everything in between! We will utilize all available web technologies to fullfill your needs. We understand that not all tools are appropriate in all situations, and we will not force feed you a solution when it is not the best option for you.

Content Development

We can also provide professional copywriting service which can turn your business process and strengths into effective content. We can work with your existing marketing content or start fresh. If you struggle to decide what to put on your web site and marketing materials, we are here to help!

Marketing & Branding Materials

A cohesive branding campaign is crucial to commercial success. Valued customers should experience a seamless and collaborative identity across multiple media. Let us develop all the marketing material for your business, from the website to brochures and business cards.

Marketing Consulting

Most businesses understand that they need marketing. After all, marketing is supposed to bring in customers and revenue. However, most businesses may be unsure about what is effective marketing. Ineffective marketing wastes resources and cuts into your bottom line without generating much benefit. Our experienced marketing consultants can help individually tailor a comprehensive marketing plan which will focus on your strengths and take into account your constrains.

Business Management Consulting

If your business is facing difficult challenges, consider outside management consulting which will objectively assess your business position and make meaningful recommendations to help your business thrive. Our consultants come from elite business schools and consulting companies. They can utilize their expertise and experiences to help your business achieve ultimate success.

Our Work

The following is a short list of some our current and past projects. Imagine what we can do for you!

Online Q&A Web Portals

Our current projects involve a series of online Q&A web portals. Visitors submit confidential requests to receive free consultation responses from professionals such as attorneys, doctors, and wellness coaches. The portals employ authenticating techniques such as secret questions and access codes to ensure security and confidentiality. Professionals maintain user accounts and the system assigns requests based on an algorithm taking into account various factors.

Mobile Advertising Platform and App

We are developing an mobile rich media advertising platform which will deliver ad content to mobile phone apps.

Online Booking System

We implemented an online booking system which has been in place for over 10 years and generated over $2 Million dollars in revenue each year. The system maintains a comprehensive user system, dynamic price control, and the ability to issue coupons and provide rewards.

Specialty E-Commerce Retail Website

We implemented a special e-commerce retail website which carried over 10,000 items.

Major Metropolitan Weekly Newspaper Online Edition

We completed a total redesign of the online portal for a major metropolitan weekly newspaper. The portal migrated from a single server installation to a cloud-based hosted CMS.

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